Make Masturbation Feel Real

How to Make Masturbation Feel Like the Real Thing


Ask any member of a Jacks Club, masturbation can be better than sex if you do it right. Some might argue that masturbation is legitimate sex. Most men do enjoy a good stroke daily. But it you want to really make the most of the experience, you can add a few elements that will take your orgasm to another level. Here’s how to make male masturbation absolutely incredible!

Make it Wet: Use Lube!

I still don’t understand how some men masturbate without lubricant, I know that many do. It’s definitely not the best way to do it when lubricant can create a plethora of sensations by itself. Contrary to popular opinion, sex lube is a very low cost item that can bring huge rewards during sex. JUS Lube will intensify the sensations you experience during masturbation and make it feel more like sex. Now add in the fact that it’s 30% less than the leading brand and you will want to break out a bottle. Without JUS lube, there is a great deal more friction and the sensations aren’t as pleasurable.

Try A Toy

Male masturbation is easy with your hand, but it’s a lot better with a masturbation toy. Masturbation toys are made from flesh like material, have inner textures for extra sensation and are easy to clean. They can be made out of a variety of materials, including silicone, Cyberskin and jelly materials, and many of them are textured to feel even better than a real vagina or ass.

With a generous amount of JUS lube inside the toy, you can transform boring masturbation into something that feels totally different – and better – than anything you’ve ever felt before. Be sure to experiment with different types of masturbation sleeves to find the best fit for you. And always provides free consultations to ensure you make the right choice.

Watch A Real Freaky Movie

Almost all guys watch porn – that’s a given. However, there are many men who don’t watch the porn they really like. They may have a secret fetish that they’re embarrassed about, or they may get turned on by things that are considered shameful by many social circles. I admit, I love to watch videos that are very raunchy. While I don’t engage in this fetish, it does bring me to a place of enjoyment traditional porn can’t.

Stop watching mediocre porn and find the stuff that really does it for you. Don’t be embarrassed to watch something that isn’t “traditional.” There are hundreds of different types of interests when it comes to the adult film industry, and you’re not alone.Since men are entirely visual creatures when it comes to sex, watching what really gets you hot has the power to increase your pleasure significantly.

Go Slow

For the same reason that men don’t often use lube during male masturbation, they also don’t take their time when they’re doing it. It’s just not how they learned to masturbate. They learned to do it quickly, before anyone could catch them. Make male masturbation feel more like real sex by planning to do it at a time when you are completely alone and you can lock your doors and turn off your phone. Take your time to enjoy each phase of the process, from arousal to orgasm. Don’t rush through it – you’ll notice that the longer you spend pleasuring yourself, the better it will feel! And be sure to keep JUS handy.